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The BEST travel agent located in the Tulsa area but serving clients from any state or country. I work with all budgets to find the right fit for you and your wallet. My greatest joy is helping people take vacations they never thought they could. From the moment you call for a quote to the moment you return from your trip, I will be there to make sure things go smoothly. My job to make sure you have the best time and get to make lasting memories that you’ll cherish forever. Have a problem while on vacation? No worries. Contact me and let me know what’s going on and I’m happy to take care of it while you continue to enjoy your vacation. Vacation time shouldn’t be taken up trying to deal with problems or make changes. I will be with you every step of the way to make sure you have the best adventure possible. Using a travel agent means you’re getting a service that goes beyond the planning and booking process. We see your trip all the way through to the end. We always hope everything goes completely perfect but in the event that it doesn’t we can help with flight cancellations, hotel issues, car rental issues, etc, and make sure you lose as little time as possible while on your trip. Are you on vacation and decided you want to do some activities? Great! Just let me know and I can even book those activities! Our job really is to help you have the best time on vacation and make it as stress free as we can.

Vacation Package Deals

Most often vacations include a package of air, hotel, maybe even car rental. Rest assured that booking packages is my specialty. Whether it’s domestic packages or you’re wanting to visit somewhere out of the country, you can feel confident that I will handle your trip with the utmost care. I look at every detail to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want so your trip is tailored to you. We’re all individuals and very different, so making sure your trip fits your wants and needs is my highest priority. Because I’m a travel agent and have a team of other agents I work with, I have insider information about hotels and places to visit. This means I can gather information from you and find something that fits your needs rather quickly. And you can be sure that I do my job to make sure the places I’m recommending have great reviews and accommodations. Finding packages that fit your budget is always my first priority.


Work from home opportunity

Becoming a travel agent has been the greatest job I’ve ever had. Not only do I get to help others travel the world and make memories, but I also get paid to travel myself. While seeing the world and making my own memories, I’m also earning an income to support my family. I’m always looking for fellow travel lovers who would like to become a travel agent with us. We work with over 100 vendors including Southwest, United, Expedia, American Airlines, Carinal, Royal Caribbean, Virgin Voyages, MSC, Universal, and other major theme parks, and so many more. In 60 years of working in the travel industry, our parent company has never lost a relationship with a vendor. They pride themselves on cultivating and maintaining good relationships and are regarded as one of the best in the industry.

-No experience necessary (we will train you)

-No license or certification needed before hiring (you can get certified through us)

-Flexible schedule

-Set your own hours

-Highest commission paid in the industry

-Team of agents to work with and ask questions anytime so you don’t have to do this alone

-Daily live trainings to help you continue to grow your business and skills

-A company that cares about its employees and creates a family like atmosphere



I offer the total package on vacations. From the very start, I collaborate with you to plan your perfect adventure. My job is to take the stress and hassle out of planning a vacation so you can simply sit back and enjoy it. Are you just looking for a simple hotel stay or weekend getaway? No problem. I work with millions of hotels and get exclusive rates lower than those offered to the general public. Are you looking for something more extravagant? No problem either. I can book domestic travel, international travel, packages, cruises, theme parks, sporting events, activities, and so much more. There is nothing off limits for a travel agent! My service is completely FREE to use (I get paid by the supplier) so using a travel agent is a no brainer. You have a personal concierge to make tweaks and find the perfect trip for you without ever having to pay a dime! Vacations are meant to be enjoyed by all but sometimes planning them can be so stressful and that frustration can carry over into the vacation itself. Let me do all the heavy lifting. I love collaborating with my clients so they get everything they’re looking for and get to make the best memories. I work with any budget to find what fits for your family and wallet. Think you can’t have that beach vacation or trip out of the country? That might not be true. Since I get exclusive discounts, I’ve helped many people take those vacations they thought were out of the budget or too hard to plan. It’s actually been my favorite part so far about being a travel agent. I think everyone should get to see as much of the world as they would like to, and I’m here to help make that happen.

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"Highly recommend to anyone looking to get a trip planned for a fair price."
Morgan Jonathan
"Can't recommend enough!"
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